Curses & Blessing in Rush Hour Traffic

When I’m driving to work (strangely not when I’m coming home), I tend to think of some cars as curses and some as blessings. Some cars, when they change lanes, manage to stop their lanes. (Not really, but that’s what it seems). I call those curses and I HATE it when I’m the curse. Some cars, they get into a lane, and somehow the lane starts moving. Those are blessings. Today, I was lucky enough to be a blessing. Every lane I hopped into moved past the other three lanes. It made for such a nice drive.

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Transport Stations

I’ve always wondered, what happens to insects when you accidentally transport them somewhere. I just saw an ant on my desk. In 7 years of working at my office, I’ve never seen an ant so I know this bugger (get it?) came from my bathroom. Do they spend the rest of their lives looking for their queen? Apparently, they spend it looking for the pheromone trail until they die. How sad!

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Upside down Goldfish

At the 168 Restaurant in Richmond, CA, there’s a large fishtank at the front by the cashier’s. Inside the tank, there’s three very large goldfish. One of them, likes to hang out upside down. (*warning* video has loud clanking dishes. It is a Chinese restaurant after all)

The funny thing is, I asked the waiter why the fish was upside down and he just gave me this withering look to say, “Hell if I know.” After observing it a few times, I noticed that the fish will eat along the stone structure until it turns upside down.