Some Thoughts on NFL’s Early Retirees

If I played in the NFL and older ex-players keep killing themselves, I’d have pause. If I played in the NFL and older ex-players keep suing the NFL because of untreated and/or ongoing injuries, I’d have pause. If I played in the NFL and I hear about blatant cheating from other teams that happen without much consequence AND those teams keep winning championships, I’d be discouraged. If I played in the NFL and hear those championship teams turn around and blame the reporting teams themselves and the sports media in turn gives plausibility to those charges, I’d be mad. I’m…

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NFL Thoughts to Close Out the 2014 Season

I’ve been excited about the Raiders coaching hires. Enough to have me glued to the media for free agency, the draft, into pre-season. Suh to the Raiders? Sure wish he can lose the dirtiness, but that’s what makes him Suh, right? Mixed feelings about this which will continue even if we start winning. Mack sure did ok without dirty plays like stomping. Tom Brady = cheater in my eyes. Ever since the Tuck Rule, I’ve found him shady. Of course, I’m biased but how was that not a fumble? Hope the Seahawks win their 2nd SB in a row. Need…

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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

The desire was so strong, Raider Nation could taste it. But all we could do was transmit our desire to the team in hopes that they could translate that desire into wins. After going 0-10 this season, after going more than a year without a win, the 2014 Raiders pulled off the upset last night at the O.Co Coliseum. It took two TD runs by Latavius Murray plus a concussion, hard runs by Marcel Reece, accurate throws from Derek Carr, no turnovers, constant pressure from our young LBs Khalil Mack and Sio Moore plus a clown act (by these two)…

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I’m Suckered In Again

This year, I’ve been seriously considering giving up the NFL. Given that I’ve been heartbroken by the Raiders for the past 12 years and more, it’s probably about time. You see, I’ve given up baseball and basketball before but that was different. Both the Dodgers and Lakers were on top when I stopped being a fan. Giving up on the Raiders have always felt more like defeat. So I hang in there.

Then they give me weeks like this:

So how can I give up now? Ugh!

Unrequited Love *Updated*

Wouldn’t you call loving something for over two decades and having nothing but frustration await you, unrequited love? That’s how I feel about the 2014 Raiders right now. Somehow, during the week I’ll read reports and articles which get my juices pumping again with anticipation. It gets to the point where I can barely sleep on Saturday night, I want to see the Raiders win so badly. And then, the inevitable let down. Hey Oakland Raiders? Letting down your fandom week after week, year after year, DECADE after DECADE feels like bashing your forehead into a wall of nails and…

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Better Keeps Me Watching

Last week after the dismal showing against the Texans, I joined the chorus of Raider Nation citizens to have Dennis Allen step down as coach or Reggie MacKenzie to step down as GM. I usually am much more patient but after three years after Al Davis’ death, I had enough. I needed improvement, I needed to feel like my team was competitive, I wanted to be interested during the game, damnit! Well, while the Raiders didn’t deliver a win, they did deliver a couple of sacks on Tom Brady (I’m hoping Peyton Manning will be under one of those heaps…

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Football – Fantasies and dashed hopes

So, the first week of football 2014 has come and gone. With it, goes most of my hopes for this year. The Raiders looked improved, but that’s like saying PeeWee football’s improved. The gap was much wider than the 14-19 loss suggested. Yet in the midst of all this dashed hopes, my interest remains renewed, thanks to Fantasy Football. My team, Team SWIRL (Sharon, Westina, Inkling, R’wick and Loki) is in 2nd place in terms of points and tied for first since we won the first matchup. Go Team SWIRL! I suppose I should say something about the Ray Rice…

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Raiders Season

So my one vice when it comes to organized sports is the NFL. And by NFL I mean, the Oakland Raiders. Forgive me my football posts as I wait all year for September to show up. I didn’t start off being a football fan. I actually started off life in the US as a Dodger-blue-blooded fan as well as an L.A. Lakers die-hard. I knew the line-ups, I knew who they had to defeat, I even inquired about them while in China in the 80’s. Then, one day I watched Fernando Valenzuela pitch a perfect game and have three hits…

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