The Heart of Our Pack is the Mischievous One, Loki

Within a 1 minute span the other day, Loki got us all up from our resting positions, just cause he was bored. He came prancing into the hallway with my small pillow in his mouth. Once he made sure he had our attentions, he pranced in front of all of us in the living room with the pillow dangling from his mouth. When I got up to get the pillow, he dropped it and darted for Inkling who was resting beside W. Of course Inkling had to retaliate so he jumped off the couch after Loki. But before Inkling could…

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A Dog’s Attention

The moment my mind was off my meal, my dog Loki snapped at the bun for a quick nip. It was simply amazing. The little sneak-thief as we lovingly call him, knew the exact moment I lost attention. Every single time he does something like this, I’m astounded. But not my wife. She keeps reminding me that while we’re looking at our phones, our computers, or TV, the dogs (yes, we have three) aren’t doing much else but paying attention to us. This is how Loki knows when to sneak off with a belonging or my food. I know he…

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Leaping Squirrels!

The other day R’wick treed a squirrel. After we let out Loki to join in the fun, here’s what happened. That second leap? It took the damn critter from the corner of the fence down to the base of the redwood tree. That’s a distance of about 15-20 feet! That whining you hear is Inkling wanting to join in the fun but we’ve learned our lessons. When the younger boys get that excited, it’s not good to mix all three together. Many misunderstandings occur when one’s a pointer mix, fixated and the other’s a relentless git.