A Dog’s Attention

The moment my mind was off my meal, my dog Loki snapped at the bun for a quick nip. It was simply amazing. The little sneak-thief as we lovingly call him, knew the exact moment I lost attention. Every single time he does something like this, I’m astounded. But not my wife. She keeps reminding me that while we’re looking at our phones, our computers, or TV, the dogs (yes, we have three) aren’t doing much else but paying attention to us. This is how Loki knows when to sneak off with a belonging or my food. I know he…

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Hmm, Maybe Loki isn’t SO Bad LOL

We have a hard time with our Loki. He’s headstrong, willful (Hmm, is that repetitive?), relentless, and passionate. Some things, his learning ability is amazing. Ask him to go “Down” and he’ll rap the floor with his elbows loudly, he does it with such surety.

Yet, taking him on a walk, trying to get him into his crate is a chore. So it gladdens my heart to see that he’s not the only willful dog around.

Dog Fights

We have three male dogs, one who is 4 and a half, and two who are between 1 and 2 years old. Which means we have two teenage dogs. The oldest, a husky mix, isn’t an alpha at all. We trained him to back down from fights and to walk away from most scary noises. He is quite unlike his namesake, R’wick. Because he’s a husky, we also allow R’wick more freedom than we are currently allowing the other two. The middle child is a pure-bred German Pinscher named Loki. Boy, is he named aptly. He’s our sneak-thief, yet he’s…

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