This Year’s Raiders Aren’t This Last Decade’s Raiders

Yesterday, I kept exclaiming after the game, “Raiders won! Against Denver! In Mile High!” After each exclamation, Westina nodded in understanding. For 12 years she witnessed my frustrations, my depression after Football Sundays, especially after the bi-annual Broncos games. You see, I had developed a very healthy (actually it’s unhealthy but let’s not go there) hatred for the foes in orange and blue. Back when I was teaching myself the fine art of US football, my education was handed to me by the Raiders and the 49’ers. While the 49’ers showed me what ease and finesse looked like, the Raiders…

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Going Back on My Word

Yeah, I tend to do that about my book and the Raiders. Guess what I’m writing about today! Yup, the Raiders. Why? Because we just beat those wine-sipping 49’ers and shut up those red-wearing fans of theirs. Factoid (from twitter): Both Derek Carr and Colin Kaepernick were chosen in the exact spot three years apart. History will let us know which of these two 2nd round picks will have the better record. Since Kaepernick showed signs of Pryor’s progress, I’m going to bet on Derek Carr.

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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

The desire was so strong, Raider Nation could taste it. But all we could do was transmit our desire to the team in hopes that they could translate that desire into wins. After going 0-10 this season, after going more than a year without a win, the 2014 Raiders pulled off the upset last night at the O.Co Coliseum. It took two TD runs by Latavius Murray plus a concussion, hard runs by Marcel Reece, accurate throws from Derek Carr, no turnovers, constant pressure from our young LBs Khalil Mack and Sio Moore plus a clown act (by these two)…

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I’m Suckered In Again

This year, I’ve been seriously considering giving up the NFL. Given that I’ve been heartbroken by the Raiders for the past 12 years and more, it’s probably about time. You see, I’ve given up baseball and basketball before but that was different. Both the Dodgers and Lakers were on top when I stopped being a fan. Giving up on the Raiders have always felt more like defeat. So I hang in there.

Then they give me weeks like this:

So how can I give up now? Ugh!

Football – Fantasies and dashed hopes

So, the first week of football 2014 has come and gone. With it, goes most of my hopes for this year. The Raiders looked improved, but that’s like saying PeeWee football’s improved. The gap was much wider than the 14-19 loss suggested. Yet in the midst of all this dashed hopes, my interest remains renewed, thanks to Fantasy Football. My team, Team SWIRL (Sharon, Westina, Inkling, R’wick and Loki) is in 2nd place in terms of points and tied for first since we won the first matchup. Go Team SWIRL! I suppose I should say something about the Ray Rice…

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Now That’s More Like It!

.@DerekCarrQB. To Seahawks LB Malcolm Smith. To @MychalRivera. For 6! Just like the @Raiders drew it up. — NFL (@nfl) August 29, 2014 Derek Carr went and did it, didn’t he? Well, not without Schaub’s help with poor play. But now there’s a genuine QB controversy mainly because we Raider Nation is so damn hungry for any good news. Look at these highlights. Tell me this doesn’t light a fire under all our asses and get us cheering. As I’ve been saying, next year’s Raiders are going to be something else. So is this year too early to start the Carr up?

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