Spring is in the Air which means Baby Birds!

We have floodlights that look out over our back yard. The first year in our house, house finches took over the floodlights that looked out from the sliding glass door. That first spring, we only had R’wick the husky and so the birds were very happy with their spot on top of that floodlight. Other couples checked out the floodlights on the corner of the house but it was too unstable to have a nest there. Last year, because we had the two puppies, Loki & Inkling, no birds built nests on our roof. Too many bangs came from the…

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Vole Pokes Its Nose Out

Since my neck’s still recovering (Word most apt but not really since the hole in my neck continues to close. Still, I can get the muscles to relax and not freak out), I can’t really walk Pt. Isabel. I figured this out after I took R’wick there. There was no avoiding Pt. Isabel this week since my neck prevented my going the previous two weeks. R’wick was getting very antsy and taking it out on Loki and Inkling. Because I couldn’t walk it, my pal Norma took R’wick on the husky walk for me. All I had to do was…

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Hmm, Maybe Loki isn’t SO Bad LOL

We have a hard time with our Loki. He’s headstrong, willful (Hmm, is that repetitive?), relentless, and passionate. Some things, his learning ability is amazing. Ask him to go “Down” and he’ll rap the floor with his elbows loudly, he does it with such surety.

Yet, taking him on a walk, trying to get him into his crate is a chore. So it gladdens my heart to see that he’s not the only willful dog around.

Transport Stations

I’ve always wondered, what happens to insects when you accidentally transport them somewhere. I just saw an ant on my desk. In 7 years of working at my office, I’ve never seen an ant so I know this bugger (get it?) came from my bathroom. Do they spend the rest of their lives looking for their queen? Apparently, they spend it looking for the pheromone trail until they die. How sad!

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