2015 Raiders – Different or Same Ol’ Raiders?

Before the start of the home opener versus the Cincinnati Bengals, I would rattle off all the differences. We have Cooper & Crabtree, Whole new coaching staff. Look at our training facilities! Oooh and we scored Aldon Smith. We’d been clamoring for playmakers and it looks like we have four or five now! Today, less than 24 hours after kickoff yesterday, it certainly feels like more of the same. All those differences above? They added to a stinking loss made worse still by Hue Jackson’s smirking face and manicured feet. It’s only the first game says a ton of fans…

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So Close Now!

Chapter 25 is finalized! To be honest, this was an easy chapter to finalized. It took many rewrites but I finally got it to the point where any improvements I make are marginal. I’m so glad I made the decision to cut my original story in half. This works much better thematically and I’m happy that realization struck me after the 3rd draft. I have to really thank Scapple from Literature and Latte because that program really helped me to figure out the themes of my chapters. That’s how I figured out I really had two major themes. Started Chapter…

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NFL Thoughts to Close Out the 2014 Season

I’ve been excited about the Raiders coaching hires. Enough to have me glued to the media for free agency, the draft, into pre-season. Suh to the Raiders? Sure wish he can lose the dirtiness, but that’s what makes him Suh, right? Mixed feelings about this which will continue even if we start winning. Mack sure did ok without dirty plays like stomping. Tom Brady = cheater in my eyes. Ever since the Tuck Rule, I’ve found him shady. Of course, I’m biased but how was that not a fumble? Hope the Seahawks win their 2nd SB in a row. Need…

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Going Back on My Word

Yeah, I tend to do that about my book and the Raiders. Guess what I’m writing about today! Yup, the Raiders. Why? Because we just beat those wine-sipping 49’ers and shut up those red-wearing fans of theirs. Factoid (from twitter): Both Derek Carr and Colin Kaepernick were chosen in the exact spot three years apart. History will let us know which of these two 2nd round picks will have the better record. Since Kaepernick showed signs of Pryor’s progress, I’m going to bet on Derek Carr.

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0-52. That’s not a football game. That’s _______________. a) a debacle. b) A band that covers the B-52’s c) a sick joke. d) the worst lopsided game in Raider history e) Bingo call number f) A tank job so we can get the #1 draft pick This is absolutely the last time this year I’ll write about this joke of a team. Sorry Woodson, Carr, Jackson, Mack, Moore, Tuck, and anyone else who’ve been a bright spot for us this year. It’s just not good enough.

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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

The desire was so strong, Raider Nation could taste it. But all we could do was transmit our desire to the team in hopes that they could translate that desire into wins. After going 0-10 this season, after going more than a year without a win, the 2014 Raiders pulled off the upset last night at the O.Co Coliseum. It took two TD runs by Latavius Murray plus a concussion, hard runs by Marcel Reece, accurate throws from Derek Carr, no turnovers, constant pressure from our young LBs Khalil Mack and Sio Moore plus a clown act (by these two)…

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No More Posts about Raiders

Getting set for another losing year.

Definitely another losing year.

Well, now that the 2014 Raiders are 0-6 and are the last winless team (Jaguars just got a win over the Browns who we’ll play next week), this will be the absolute last time I post about them. Yes, there are bright spots to this season: Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, Gabe Jackson, Charles Woodson, Sio Moore, but until there’s something other than zero in the win column, I’m not going to use up precious blog space on them.

Granted, that might mean no blog posts on Monday, but oh well. There’s no reason to write about them anymore. Can you tell I’m disheartened?


I’ve been noticing more and more that writers, especially journalists, use the preposition “but” wrongly. It’s really jarring and pulls me right out of the article when I run across examples because I spend the next few moments trying to figure out how the second half of the sentence is an exception. Here’s an example. I love reading Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com’s coverage of the Raiders. He’s obviously enthusiastic about his job, and he’s been a fair observer and doesn’t seem jaded about the Raiders like some of the other local reporters. But sometimes his writing gets to me. In…

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I’m Suckered In Again

This year, I’ve been seriously considering giving up the NFL. Given that I’ve been heartbroken by the Raiders for the past 12 years and more, it’s probably about time. You see, I’ve given up baseball and basketball before but that was different. Both the Dodgers and Lakers were on top when I stopped being a fan. Giving up on the Raiders have always felt more like defeat. So I hang in there.

Then they give me weeks like this:

So how can I give up now? Ugh!