Places(s) What they’re like
Benshio A growing trading center near the Three H Academy. Also the town at one end of the Ruquine-Benshio Connection.
Bukitima Woods A small strip of woods at the Southern edge of the Effjinia Plains. Also borders Benshio.
Darsprian Forest A very large forest that obstructs most traffic going to the northern regions.
Effjinia Plains On one edge of the Darsprian Forest, the Effjinia Plains spread out in a vast expanse, edged at the other end by the small and sparsely populated Bukitima Woods.
Hissia A large city-state to the west. A barbaric, rough and tumble type of city.
Izthic A large city considered to be the center of culture and arts. Famed for plays, paintings, and poetry, Izthic boasts a large assortment of theatres, large and small.
Mountains of Yifta A range of mountains settled by Yiftans in the north eastern regions.
Ruquine A smaller trading town near borders. Caters to the more unseemly.
Trabia A southern city-state, whose martial outlook colors everything they do.
Valkunia A small trading town at the base of the Mountains of Yifta.

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