Word(s) Definition
Arbiters The ruling rank in the Midnight Slicers who hand out jobs and punishments.
bata A white longhaired lemur. Used in cussing.
Celebricate rank 2nd highest rank in the Midnight Slicers guild.
chime An hour of time.
Elders In the Midnight Slicers guild, any ranked guild mate is an Elder, from Ordineres to Celebricates to Mythos.
Goddha A female god. Is dedicated to two tenets.
Goddhai Plural of Goddha(n).
Goddhan A male god. Is dedicated to two tenets.
jish Cuss word. Means shit or fucked.
lifethread Everyone is a thread in the Tapestry of Life. A lifethread is the length of one’s life within the Tapestry.
Mythos rank The highest ranked inside the Midnight Slicers. So secretive, few have known any.
Ordinere rank The first rank in the Midnight Slicers guild. This is the beginning of the Elder status.
preck Cuss word usually meaning fuck.
Quietude A mental (psychic?) dimension. Triune members are taught to move in and out of it.
sneft A type of snub-nosed dog. Used as part of an expression.
The Weaver The original Goddha who wove life threads into Goddhai and Mortals inside the Tapestry of Life.
tich A second of time.
toch a minute of time.
thuka A cross between a mule and a camel. Used for cussing usually denoting a dumb and stubborn person.
tranceport The act of moving in and out of the Quietude.
Triliska The Triune’s symbol.
Triune See Religions
warbeast Mainly horses, but any beasts that can be taken into war. Elephants are another.
Youngers Apprentices in the Midnight Slicers’ guild.
zuire A type of wine.

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