R’wick, Goddhan of Art & Madness

How many followers could a Goddhan of Art and Madness attract? Yet, the skinny, wild-haired Goddhan had his fervent adherents. The one he desired though, was Tristien, the one whose outward skin reflected the artistic touches of his nearly insane cousin, Nalthia. Could he give Tristien a fantasy so enticing she’d reject her newfound desire for life? That’s the thing about insanity though: even if she rejects him, would he accept the rejection?


Arm’wal, Goddhan of War & Mayhem

Firstborn among the Goddhai, Arm’wal’s intense loyalty to his tenets made him unattractive to all other Goddhai. Instead, it took the love of a mortal turned Goddha, Eki’nea, who tamed the mayhem. His biggest failing? His offspring Nalthia, who had enough divinity to warrant a divine stitch within her name, but also had enough malice to have the stitch snatched away.


Eki’nea, Goddha of Discipline & Healing

Eki’nea, one of the three patron Goddha of the Three H Academy, found that with a daughter more suited towards mayhem, her natural tendencies drew her to Tristien. That, in turn drove her daughter Nalthia to actions which would soon threaten to undo the Realms.


Dra’kad, Goddhan of Discipline & Craft

Dra’kad’s view is that most things fall under Craft, like wood-working, blacksmithing and the arts. Perhaps it was this broad view that made for few adherents. The lack of believers led him to form a trinity with Eki’nea and Ver’sim called the Triune faith, which worked in getting many more followers.

Ver’sim, Goddhan of Discipline & Logic

Ver’sim is a very uptight Goddhan which might account for his lack of followers. When Dra’kad suggested a trinity, Ver’sim couldn’t find anything wrong in his brother’s logic. So he joined Eki’nea & his brother in forming the Triune, with Discipline as the connector between the Goddhan.


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