Major Characters

Tristien Waef

At this juncture in her life, Tristien could take it or leave it. She had suffered for three years at jealousy’s hands, resulting in scarring all over her body and psyche. Also present was insanity’s specter, in the guise of R’wick, Goddhan of Art and Madness. Enter Kat, whose fresh and simplistic view of the world offered guidance away from the edge.

Did a perfect life made of illusions outweigh reality with all its messiness?


Katriyana Pusabunthri

Kat was fast on her way to Mythos class, the vaunted top level of the Midnight Slicers. So what if she had to learn more about hand-to-hand combat on the way there? Yet, something was off about this mission. Why were they attacking a farm? Even more curious, why were there five very capable fighters defending it?

Cela Brour

Cela thought of herself as a simple creature. After all, her only needs were Kinjara, ale or mead, and a good brawl every once in a while. Wasn’t that what all good Yiftans aspired to? Now if only she could let down her guard around that Midnight Slicer.


Kinjara Rhaigen

Kinjara, a Bard of the Rhyme and Reason guild, searched for her first love, Tristien until she found the scarred woman in a crumpled state after a three year search. Kinjara’s only concern was to help her friend mend. Oh, and to collect the tales from their adventures for future re-telling, of course. How else was she going to get original material?

Minor Characters


Grofford Rhaigen

Rocshim Rhaigen

Conniol Rhaigen






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