Cover by Brian Wood

Nobody TPB from AIT Publishing

What Nobody was About:

Jessica Drake (or was that even her name) was initiated into becoming a Nobody, someone without a past. With her dabblings into the occult and help from her assistant, Marcus, Jessica receives orders from a mysterious man in black to occasionally help and sometimes hinder folks. This time, however, she was directly ordered not to interfere with a serial killer on the loose. But with children’s lives on the line and boredom constantly strangling her, Jessica decided to investigate. To what end, though.

How Nobody came about:

I was driving the 5 hour drive from Oakland to Long Beach, wishing anonymity and thus freedom from any obligations when it struck me that an organization of Nobodies could make for an interesting comic book. I fleshed out the ideas and when I reached Long Beach I called up Alex Amado to ask him to help me with the writing. He was the only person I trusted with my story and I knew he had the discipline to help me reign myself in.

Sure enough, Alex agreed and soon after, Charlie Adlard of Walking Dead fame. With those two on board, we pitched to Vertigo, Dark Horse and Oni Press. Oni Press was the only one who bit. Nobody, a four issue mini-series, was one of their first year titles but since it didn’t really end up fitting their vision of what Oni produces, it wasn’t re-upped.

Then Larry Young of AIT Publishing approached us. He was looking to expand their repertoire and would we be interested in them publishing a trade paperback. The lovely Brian Wood cover and Alex’s short story was included as bonuses for the TPB. And there you have it.

But this was the end. Soon after the TPB came out, Nobody got optioned for Hollywood. But the year quickly came and went and nothing happened so the rights reverted back to us. A few years later at SDCC, a couple of producers saw our TPB again and optioned. This time, the option went further. It actually got made into a pilot for ABC Family, but sadly it wasn’t picked up.

On the set of Nobody

With the clapper on the set of Nobody

We (Me, Westina, Alex and his wife MaryAnn, Larry and his wife Mimi) did get to visit the set one weekend. That was spectacular! Westina and I had been together maybe a year or two at that time and boy, did I score points with this trip. That’s her in the background by the way, with the crew cut. It’s the first and only time she’s ever cut her hair that short.

I’ll show off photos in a slider on a blog post of that trip one day. It was great fun, especially with Larry and Alex. MaryAnn and Mimi are fun too, but those two boys (I guess they’re men) both love to keep the laughs coming.

Anyway, that’s been the journey of Nobody so far. I’m reserving the right to write stories in the future. We’ll see if I can become a full-time writer first.

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