I was an agent representing artists and writers in a former life. I’ve never stopped loving art.

That’s why it’s very important to me that Woven Myths have a graphical life as well as a prose one. You’ll see two lists below. The first is “professional” artists, which is defined as artists who’ve ever been paid for their visions. My definition of payment is fairly broad. If a customer (as in someone paying for a commission) or a client (as in a publisher hiring you to do work-made-for-hire) has ever paid you for an artwork (paid as in cash, check, credit cards, services as in I’ll fix your car for the next five years if you give me that artwork), then you qualify under “professional” status. All others fall under the second list, amateurs.

If you’re a professional artist, I’m going to offer prints of what you drew. After printing costs, you’ll get 50%. If you sell prints on your website, you can set the deal. Oh, copyright will be also 50-50 for the artwork.

If you’re an amateur artist and you want in on the deal, no worries. I’m going to try and add a counter to the amateur page so that if the counter hits a certain amount, I’ll offer it as a print as well.

Hope some of you will take me up on this offer.

Professional Artists:

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