Ask A Character


Life got you down? Don’t know what to do in certain situations? Why, don’t worry. Tristien, Kat, Cela and Kinjara are here to help, with occasional advice from other drop-ins. So ask away!

Q. I recently found out my boyfriend’s sleeping with other folks. What should I do about it?

Kinjara: Familiary with infidelity happens upon my expertise since Tristien’s wandering hands gave reason to our separati…

Tristien: Hey! That was years and years ago. And what makes you think you’re an expert? You didn’t stay to deal, you left with Cela!

Kinjara: Precisely the recommended solution I would propose.

Cela: My advice? A knife through the belly.

All Kat does is slide a Midnight Slicer contract over.


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