Yeah yeah, it’s been a long time

I wish I could say something happened to stop my posts here, but there’s nothing.

Nothing except the brewing in my brain that told me what I was writing wasn’t as good as it could be.

After many months of stoppage, I reassessed. All because a friend called me up and told me how much he identified with Kat and that he saw her passage into Mythos like him passing the bar exam. That sparked some ideas.

So I restarted and I’m in Chapter 5. While I know what’s to happen in this chapter, I’m a little stuck as to how to get there. Still, I’m much happier with the direction and POV that the story’s taken.

More soon.

About Sharon Cho

As a child, I was sickly and so spent countless hours in bed with only my imagination to accompany me. 50 years later, my imagination demanded that I write things down and offer it to folks and so here I am, sharing my stories. Hope you enjoy.

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