Forward Progress!

Worked on Ch. 17 last night. Had a breakthrough in that I finally figured out some stuff about the Quietude that’s going to make writing the rest a bit easier. I also worked out how ideas/Gods transition from the Material Realm to the Immaterial Realm.

So 1/2 chapter to go, then it’s onto the 2nd major conflict in the story.

About Sharon Cho

As a child, I was sickly and so spent countless hours in bed with only my imagination to accompany me. 50 years later, my imagination demanded that I write things down and offer it to folks and so here I am, sharing my stories. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Yay! So good to hear that. A friend of mine calls this fermenting process. We never stop writing even when we are not actually putting any word down. I found this yesterday (or perhaps it found me) and I thought it was perfect for us writerly types:

    • Fermenting is correct! How’s your writing coming along? I hope to get to Chapter 2 this week in beta reading. Wanted to finish my own chapter first before tackling yours. You should get an email from me in a couple of days.

      • Your writing takes precedence always. It’s your precious time, and I’m grateful for it Sharon, do what your time and your writing allow you; I’m patient. Besides, I started book 2, and I’m also at the Camp NaNo (that was a last minute decision I must say, a by-product of starting book 2).

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