How to Have Long-Term Rivalry & Emerge as Friends

I was a decent fan of tennis in the 70’s and 80’s. If you were any sort of fan back then, you basically had to choose sides: Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova. I chose early and never wavered from my choice until she retired: Chrissy Evert.

Here’s an article from about these two tennis greats’ rivalry and friendship. The best quote from Chris Evert in there was this:

I was one of the greatest players who ever won Wimbledon who didn’t have a serve!

I’d say 99.9% of Evert’s serves were returned. If she played another baseline player, you were in for the long haul on games. Back and forth down the line flew the balls. Watching her against Martina was almost a shock to the system since Martina loved to rush the net. which turned the rhythmic game into lyrical staccatos. Such a difference!

It’s great to read that the two maintained a level head about their competitiveness, the game and life. It’s so much more rewarding than being angry at someone else for your defeat.

I had the great fortune to see these two play each other in an exhibition game around 1989 at the L.A. Forum.

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