Cracks in the Block

Around November 15th, a block of dense material dropped on top of my imagination’s path, obscuring any sight. As time went on, the holidays, birthdays and video games happened. As did the discovery of the Amazing Race on Amazon Prime.

Looks heavy huh?

Looks heavy huh?

As a result, the block stayed and its weight settled it onto my imagination’s ground.

Every time I looked over, the block looked more massive, more settled, more… permanent.

Which led to me feeling a little despondent at the thought.

First it was, okay, after Thanksgiving, I’ll sit and write.

Then it was, okay, after W’s birthday I’ll write.

Then it was, I just got this Madden game and it’s kicking my butt! Gotta beat it.

Soon, it was Gotta go visit Mom and then I’ll be exhausted!

Then it was, okay! New Year’s I’ll start… but I’m so close to all these objectives on Madden!

Last night, Westina asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to play Madden but I should write. So I forced my butt into my chair, bitched about how cold it was there, then started surfing the net.

It wasn’t until two hours later, after Westina and the dogs had gone to bed, after I couldn’t find more articles to read, I started on the next paragraph.

I only finished two paragraphs before sleep called me to bed.

Still, the block is now cracked. Hopefully, I can reduce it to rubble to pave the new path in my imagination.

About Sharon Cho

As a child, I was sickly and so spent countless hours in bed with only my imagination to accompany me. 50 years later, my imagination demanded that I write things down and offer it to folks and so here I am, sharing my stories. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Yay for the cracks, Sharon. Even if it’s just one paragraph at a time, it’s as amazing as if it was a thousand paragraphs. Even tip-toeing in the desired direction is progress.

    Happy New Year, I hope 2016 is your most creative yet, brings you happiness together with laughter, and makes all your wishes true.

    • Happy New Year, Aura! Wishing you the best of everything in 2016: the best laughs, the best support, the best goals accomplished, the best food!

      Thanks for your encouragement. It’s always helpful, needed and desired. Hope your writing’s coming along too!

      • You are welcome, a pleasure, and anytime. Also, thank you.

        I’ve started the year with a bang. Looking for a job hopefully related to writing, and decided to push my writing as far as I can, both regarding speed and getting it out there (more short stories, finish books, query books, send stories, anything I can do). Life’s never stopping to take into account my fears and perfectionistic tendencies, and I’ve spent an eternity brooding inside the not-good-enough lane. The only way to become good enough is to write more. 😀

        We’ll see how it goes, but I am flexible, so if any of these plans doesn’t work I’ll just adapt or try something else. I’m figuring it out as I go along.

        • Your new year sounds great! Was reading about Will Smith and how his father took down a 16 ft by 8 ft wall and told him and his brother to rebuild it. It took nearly a year but the wall was finally put up.

          Will Smith basically said, he realized he didn’t have to build a perfect wall. What he had to do was lay a perfect brick. Which is what it sounds like you’re doing.

          • Oh, I love that example, thanks for sharing it and thank you. Baby steps. Getting there. A year ago I was still arguing with myself over whether I “should” be writing. I want my fiction to be my income. Not going to happen if I have philosophical arguments with myself about irrelevant “should” rules. Write, read, learn, try, if not good, try again, rinse and repeat until it’s fine.

            Which is why I am reading a lot as a priority this year (PS. 60% on your book, still loving it. Love the world that is alive and living, love the characters, they feel real and such beautiful diversity. Awesome.)

          • Oooh, so glad you’re enjoying it. And you’re doing great. Changing your attitude is the first step to getting anything done.

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